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Mainstream medicine see nothing wrong with eating fruits whether seedless or seeded but I disagree. I firmly believe, if we are going to eat fruits, we only eat seeded fruit. Seedless is GMO which is DNA altering and as everyone knows, mainstream medicine have conditions known as "genetically inherited". It is "genetic" as your "genetics" have been altered either by eating fruitless things with us ending up as fruitless too or through the external toxins that are put into us. Tested on rats, not even rats eat seedless.

I tend to advise my patients, when it is a hot day, 22 degrees upwards, if you enjoy fruits please do eat it in moderation but try to keep it to a minimum. Fruits nowadays are different to the days of our ancestors, even our grandparents. The fruits now are heavily loaded with fructose. Our Liver does not handle fructose too well and with GMO fructose, our Liver cannot synthesise or detox it leading to health problems and disharmony's in our body.

On cold days, I forbid my children from eating fruits and I advise my patients not to eat fruits due to the fructose. The fructose on colder days is heavy and harsh on our digestive organs, Stomach and Spleen. These two essentials organs are also responsible for our immunity. For cold days, if you enjoy fruits, I request patients eat dried fruits. However, the dried fruits they sell in the shops can be loaded with preservatives, artificial chemicals and high amounts of sugar.

I would advise patients to purchase their own dehydrator and dry your own fruits. If you cannot afford a dehydrator, not a problem. When the sun is shining, why not chop up fruits and dry it in the sun.

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