It has become the norm and even like a badge of honour to say I like being alone or I'd rather be alone. While enjoying time to yourself is extremely healthy, so is nourishing the friendships in your life. Afterall, we are a social species. For centuries we have relied on community to get through life. Only now is it normal to be isolated and go at it alone. As humans, we crave the sense of belonging and feeling part of something greater. We also want to feel truly appreciated and return that feeling to those we care for. A key finding from a major study of adult’s lives was that those who had close, long term friends fared better than those who were less social. Close friendships enhanced moods and functioning as well as emotional and physical health. You are the sum of those you surround yourself with. It is important to be inspired and lifted by your friendships. It is never too late to make friends, another big misconception. As we age, we change. There will always be people that we find somewhat serendipitously during certain times of our lives. There are no accidents. Be a good friend. Listen, have compassion, understanding and empathy. Care for your friends. Expect the same in return. Have respect for one another and do not tolerate less. Often, those who seem like they do not need anyone may need people the most, but their life experiences have made them hesitant to trust others. Do not be afraid to be there for someone, you may not know how much they really need it but are not able to ask.

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