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Foods that impact Lungs

There is a saying in TICM: "The Earth element creates dampness and the Metal element stores it". Ever wake up with excess phlegm or realise you can't stop coughing after you eat something particular? This may be your body alerting you to dampness accumulation. Earth element associated organs: Stomach & Spleen Metal element associated organs: Lung & Large Intestine Dampness, one of the six pathogenic factors or six evils in TICM, is created in a weakened or impaired digestive system. Through tracing your symptoms, you can see where dampness is stored and work on clearing it out. Dampness is heavy and thick and is where toxins like to hide. Through letting go you will feel lighter both physically and mentally. Where is your dampness stored?: Lungs: phlegm coming up while coughing. This will happen especially after eating foods that are harder to digest, such as greasy foods, cold drinks, or dairy like ice cream.

Large Intestine: sticky stools, difficult to clean up stool, diarrhoea with food undigested and mucus lined stools, rumbling in the Stomach. How can you help yourself? Focus on nourishing the Spleen. Eat regular and consistent, healthy meals. Focus on whole grains like white rice with vegetables and quality proteins and fats. Remove foods that cause dampness like dairy, greasy foods, fried foods, and cold drinks. Think about it like this: if your digestion can't break it down, it will create dampness. Use digestive formula’s to strengthen the Spleen and Lung systems while removing phlegm. Yi Yi Ren (Job's Tear) drains dampness and helps conditions like rosacea, oedema, puffiness.

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