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Food allergies

Food allergies and intolerances

This is a new phenomenon and there is a difference between allergies and intolerances which I shall briefly describe below. But please remember that no one is born with allergies or intolerances. Our Liver is created with all the correct enzymes for the Liver to detoxify and Stomach to process. There are various aetiology and pathogenesis like with everything else in TICM as one shoes size does not fit all. I will not go into aetiology and pathogenesis so please see your TICM doctor about this who will give you your correct diagnosis and provide a treatment protocol.

When I was growing up things were much different to today and we had better digestion and appetites in general as well as no poisons being put into my bloodstream. During my youth, our mothers always gave us home cooked foods, we did not have takeaway and we had to eat what was put in front of us. We could not even say no to brussel sprouts which are great for DNA repair anyway, please see previous post.

Our digestion and appetite was better was mainly due to the process of natural selection. We used to live in unheated homes and survive by manual labour. Our farm in Cymru still has a tin bath outside, can you imagine having a bath outdoors in winter. We had access to only local foods within a 5 mile radius which meant we had to have good appetite and digestion meaning those who survived were well adapted to local food.

Nowadays, everyone has food stagnation due to poor digestion, poor eating habits, eating foods that have no nutritional value as they come from all corners of the globe. Everyone lives by mainly mental work, homes protect them from elements, food they purchase are not local and they like to buy everything seedless for convenience not caring that it is GMO. The food now is all preserved with irradiation and cleaned with chemicals so is it any wonder that our body rebels and everyone has a weak Spleen.

Our food is poisoned even though we are brainwashed to believe that the food sold in the shops have little pesticides and other noxious chemicals. Some children are so delicate and have a weak constitution that they cannot ever tolerate poisonous foods or cheap foods so they must be kept out of their plate.

Food allergy: this is when a child needs to take just the smallest amount of food to have extreme symptoms. An example is nut allergy where even 10mg of nuts or even peanut oil can cause an anaphylactic shock.

Food intolerance: when a child cannot digest a particular food well. Instead of feeling energetic after a meal, they will feel tired or out of balance in some way. For example having difficulty digesting lactose can give rise to catarrh, chronic cough or asthma.

Food intolerance can lead to food allergy.


Number one cause of these problems is poison being injected into the blood stream.

Lingering pathogenic factor.

Antibiotics is a big killer of the digestive system leading to so many people having a leaky gut too.

Accumulation of phlegm through diary (we are led to believe diary is the main source of calcium, which is untrue but it does build up mucous and phlegm in digestive and respiratory system).

Excessive hygiene. Keeping babies and children too clean will affect their development of the immune system. baby wipes, wet wipes are impregnated with cleaning fluids. The chemical residues are left behind on the skin damaging the skin's natural protection, opening the way for material including food to enter the bloodstream directly giving rise to allergies.

Accumulation disorder which is over eating or over feeding. Stomach must be given a 2 hour break from food between meals and this includes babies. Feeding on demand is cods wallop.

Spleen deficiency (weak Spleen).

In another post, I will list common signs and symptoms for various food allergies and intolerances along with steps in the cure.

So after reading this, are you really born with a faulty body where you have food intolerances or allergies, or are you being poisoned?

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