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Fermented pineapple with lemon pulp

Fermented pineapple is a refreshing and a delicious way to boost your immune system. It is full of vitamin C, A and B, magnesium and probiotics, not to mention the taste is tangy and satisfying because it hits several flavours.

In TICM, pineapple enters the meridians of the Stomach, Spleen and Bladder. It is categorised as having a sweet and sour taste. Pineapple has the ability to "Tonify Yin" which means it helps to hydrate the body from the inside out. Yin regulates bodily fluids and keeps the joints, organs and skin lubricated. It is used to clear heat, clear damp, resolve water accumulations, disperse wind and dampness, regulate water, and eliminate wind. Pineapple is a true powerhouse. Fermenting it only adds to those benefits.





What to do:

Wash pineapple and slice it thinly. You can leave a little bit of skin on.

In a glass jar, begin layering. Place pineapple slices on the bottom.

Add a few slices of lemons or just lemon pulp on top of the pineapple.

Add about 1.5 tablespoons of honey onto the lemon.

Repeat this until the jar is almost full, leave about an inch of room to the top.

Make sure to pack down the ingredients so they are compact but there is some room on the sides. Room is needed as liquid will form and bubble.

In six weeks, you will have fermented pineapple.

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