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Fenugreek whether fresh leaves or dried small pods are used by Asians in cooking cooking and they taste absolutely delicious.

However, it can be used to make an amazing cup of tea to boost the brain function amongst many heath benefits. It doesn’t really have a distinctive taste to it. Just crush 1-2 tsp of the seeds with a mortar and pestle, place in 1.5 cup of water and boil for 10 minutes. Then strain and enjoy.

1. Improves heart health.

2. Aids digestion.

3. Helps fight inflammation.

4. Promotes weight loss.

5. Controls diabetes.

6. Boosts brain function.

7. Enhances male sexual health.

8. Beneficial during breastfeeding as it increases lactation.

9. Offers respiratory relief.

10. Fights premature aging.

11. Treats dandruff.

12. Lowers cholesterol levels.

13. Relieves constipation.

14. Minimises menopause symptoms.

15. Reduces menstrual discomfort.

16. Good for Kidney troubles.

IMPORTANT: Do not take fenugreek whilst pregnant because it may affect uterine contractions. Fenugreek acts like oestrogen in the body and be unsafe for women with hormone-sensitive cancers.

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