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Fatty Liver

Whether or not it was caused by alcohol or other issues, it is very important to address it before it becomes much more serious ailments and diseases. Alhamdulillah fatty liver disease is reversible, but it will take a little bit of work.

Fatty liver or hepatic steatosis, is a term that describes the buildup of fat in the liver. It’s normal to have small amounts of fat in your liver, but too much can become a health problem.

The Liver is the second largest organ in the body. It’s responsible for a wide variety of functions, including processing everything we eat and drink, and filtering harmful substances from the blood. The Liver commonly repairs itself by rebuilding new liver cells when the old ones are damaged.

When there’s repeated damage to the Liver, permanent scarring takes place. This condition is called cirrhosis. In mild forms, fatty liver can be a reversible condition that may improve with lifestyle modifications such as diet changes, weight loss, and increased physical activity.

It’s believed that the excess fat in the Liver, along with certain medical conditions, increases inflammation. If your Liver becomes inflamed, you may have symptoms such as:

Poor appetite

Weight loss

Abdominal pain

Physical weakness



If fatty liver progresses to cirrhosis and liver failure symptoms can include:

Enlarging fluid-filled abdomen

Jaundice of the skin and eyes


Abnormal bleeding

The most common cause of fatty liver identified in most cases is alcohol use disorder and heavy drinking. In many cases, it’s much less clear what causes fatty liver in people who do not drink much alcohol. However, higher body weight, a diet high in processed sugar, high triglycerides, diabetes, low physical activity, and genetics all play a role.

Foods to consume:

Lemon: it helps in liver detoxification by helping the liver produce an enzyme known as glutathione. This is because lemon contains vitamins C that in turn helps in the production of glutathione.

Apple cider vinegar: one of the most effective natural ingredients that help reducing the fat accumulated around as well as in the liver. It also promotes weight loss.

Dandelion(the golden herb in TICM): it is a powerful herb that helps in detoxification of liver and metabolises the fat in liver. It is a powerful liver tonic that helps in better functioning of liver. Do not consume if you are pregnant or diabetic.

Tumeric: loaded with antioxidants this herb is said to prevent fatty liver disease. It is said to improve body's fat digesting ability.

Papaya: papaya effectively burns off excess fat in the body. In ayurvedic sciences, papaya seeds and papaya fruit both help in curing fatty liver disease.

Indian gooseberry: a powerful detox and rich source of antioxidants, Indian gooseberry helps in keeping the liver functioning at its optimal level.

Foods to avoid:

As much as it hurts my Arab family, I request they avoid they following foods. Those who have had straight forward fatty Liver know that their condition was cleared by eliminating these foods but I am not allowed to use testimonials. Those of you reading this please do not comment fatty Liver was cleared for you as I am being watched by big brother and monitored by the medical board!!!

Carbohydrates especially breads.

Sugars and artificial sugars.

Processed foods.


GMO products.

Other things you can do:

Hijama detox especially of Liver, Stomach and Spleen.


Herbal medicine


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