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Fake beauty

Why would anyone want fake beauty

Aging is a natural part of aging and every morning I wake up, I am thankful to have even woke up. The world is obsessed with youth, women afraid of aging. We spend billions of pounds on procedures, creams, treatments, botox and more to look young. What it does in reality is speed up the aging process with all the poisonous chemicals being injected into the body. I was recently reading from a scholar I trust that when Muslims have botox, their wudu is no longer valid which means if wudu is not valid then prayer sure is definitely not valid. I say good as we bring about our down downfall. People do not realise what the medical system is based on let alone botox etc. Botox is actually full of sihr and aygn which in English is witchcraft, jinns, evil eye.

What we neglect the most important thing of all that our physical appearance is a result of our internal health and condition of our Blood. When we accept ourselves and that aging is part of nature, we can embrace the change. When we live healthfully, we will also age with less of the negative connotations we associate with it.

What we think greatly influences our health. When we think good thoughts, it helps us stay in a better mindset. Stress is a huge factor of pain, sickness and aging.

Eat well, exercise, practice mindfulness, use Chinese herbs, acupuncture, have fun, explore nature and enjoy your life.

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