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Fake apology

Do you ever struggle with feeling that someone apologising to you is being fake? You are not alone.

There are five fundamental aspects of an apology. We call them the five languages of apology. Each of them is important, but for a particular individual, one or two of the languages may communicate more effectively than the others.

The key to a good relationship is learning the apology language of the other person and being willing to speak it. When you speak their primary language, you make it easier for them to genuinely forgive you. When you fail to speak their language, it makes forgiveness more difficult because they're not sure if you are genuinely apologising.

Love means saying you’re sorry, over and over again. Real love will be marked by real apologies from the offender and real forgiveness from the offended. This is the path to restored, loving relationships. It begins by learning to speak the right language of apology when you offend someone.

Courtesy of Dr G Chapman

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