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Erectile dysfunction

Erectile Dysfunction

It is not a subject men like to to questioned about but I do bring this up. Most men are shy in our first meeting but as we progress through consult process and then onto treatment realising that I am not here to judge except help them. People do not realise the importance of my questioning behind erectile dysfunction and libido but trust me, it is essential that the penis is fully functional and sexual intimacy with a regular partner is essential to your spiritual and general health. Those who tell me that their libido is dead, that is not good and we must work on it.

Erectile dysfunction is on the rise and libido is on the decrease in both male and female so why not let your TCM/TICM doctor get your mojo back? Viagra is not an option. So let us go through what could be the issue and please remember what I am about to talk about is not exhaustive. Please do see a doctor with your issues and we love graphical details, you can never give us too much information.

Shen/Ruh (loosely translated as Spirit) relies on adequate vital energy and Blood and must be stable, focused, willing and able. If you have a mental health issue, please speak to us about it as we are here to listen and help in order to rectify your health. We all have mental health issues including myself which I will not deny. I am just one crazy witch. We need adequate Blood going to your Shen/Ruh providing nourishment and Blood in your penis in order to get that erection. There are many vessels in the penis.

Kidney Yang (warm energy) provides the fire of desire and the movement to enable the erection. Hence why it is vital you look after your Kidneys, keep your lower back warm, go to bed after sunset and always keep your feet warm.

Sufficient vital energy and Blood must fill your penis to provide that erection. We can do this through acupuncture and herbal medicine. If you are thinking we will needle your penis, do not despair as we do not do that but there are points around it we can needle and I personally needle what I call distal points in particular LIV8 behind the knees and DU4 on the lower back to really get that fire going!

Liver energy (Qi) must be free flowing so that vital energy and Blood can reach the extremity to inflate the penis.

Damp Heat causes loss of erection and some men have genital sweating or rash.

Blood stasis is where you have desire but no erection.

How to help yourself:

Mental stress and stress in general causes stagnation to the Liver so please keep to a minimum.

Anxiety and depression affects the Spirit. Where possible let us help wean you off any SSRI's you may be on as they kill libido and cause erectile dysfunction as it is literally killing your happy hormones (serotonin and dopamine).

Overwork damages Kidneys especially stress, late night shifts, shift work, burning candles at both ends, excessive sex and insufficient sleep.

Avoid raw and cold foods, avoid alcohol and recreational drugs such as cocaine and speed, avoid foods that cause damp such as rich, sweet, oily foods.

Avoid excessive exposure to cold.

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