Endometriosis is a disorder women experience when the cells from the lining of the womb, or uterus known as the endometrium stick to various pelvic organs such as the ovaries, bowel, rectum, bladder and the delicate tissue lining the pelvis. In rare cases, the tissue can stray even further and can be found outside the pelvic region in other areas of the body.

Painful symptoms can include abdominal pain and swelling, premenstrual spotting, backache, urinary pain, frequent urination, vomiting, sciatica and painful defecation and/or rectal bleeding. Left untreated, endometriosis can become the cause of female infertility.

In TICM, the Liver is connected to the Uterus. The Liver maintains the flow of vital energy of the body and a healthy menstrual cycle begins with free flowing energy. Energy stagnation is most commonly caused by stress, poor diet and a build up of toxins and results in an unbalanced Liver. Liver health is crucial to female fertility because when energy is stagnant, Blood and energy cannot freely flow.

Because there is a lack of effortless Blood and energy flow, in TICM, endometriosis is considered to stem from poor blood circulation. To create a healthier flow, acupuncture, hijama or massage can work on smoothing the pathway that supplies blood. Avoiding excessive emotions especially ones related to fear and anger is important. It's vital to maintain free flowing energy which equates to free flowing of blood, when there is no stagnation, energy works efficiently to produce painless menstruation and a healthy uterus.

Just prior and during menstruation women should consider their emotions and not worry or dwell on bothersome thoughts. I call this stinking overthinking which is something women are masters in.

How to treat endometriosis:

Receive acupuncture, hijama, cupping and massage.

Take herbal medicine as prescribed by your TICM doctor.

Be asleep before 11pm daily because the Liver detoxes between 11pm-3am.

Do stress relieving activities like mediation, journalling and gratitude writing and affirmations.

Eat wholesome foods.

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