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Emotions and fat

Emotions and stubborn belly fat

Excess weigh in TICM is much deeper than focusing on appearance. Excess weight is a symptom that gives us clues into what is happening under the surface as far as emotional well-being and organ function. We know that our emotions are an integral part of our appearance and health in TICM.

Fat around the waistline can be especially stubborn. In Chinese medicine we believe that although your food plays a critical role in your health and appearance, emotions and trauma are often overlooked but play just as big of a factor if not the biggest.

Within Chinese Medicine, the Eight Extraordinary Meridians represent the body’s deepest level of energetic structuring. These Extraordinary Meridians are highly susceptible to emotional stress and trauma. Traumatic occurrences can become stuck in our cells and these channels are the most vulnerable to them, especially the belt vessel, also referred to as the Dai Mai. This is the only acupuncture channel which runs horizontally and roughly following the circumference of the diaphragm.

When we become stressed, our body tighten and our breath becomes shallow and short. This constriction affects the underlying organs starting first the Liver, which is responsible for the smooth flow of emotions, Qi (energy) and Blood expands. This expansion hurts what's closest in proximity and also its support system, which is our digestive organs, the Spleen and Stomach. Now digestion is hindered, immunity is impacted and is becoming clogged with a mixture of dampness and toxins because the engines are not properly functioning.

By taking care of the belt vessel, you can help the following:

Hips: hip pain, sciatica.

Head: headaches and migraines.

Belly fat: regulates function in the Lower Jiao.

Dampness: excess weight, UTIs and yeast infections.

Emotions: self-esteem, stability, survival, trauma, sexual abuse.

Gynaecological functions: miscarriage, irregular menses, pelvic inflammatory disease, migraines from periods.

To reduce belly fat and move stagnation of emotions and energy, use this ancient exercise to invigorate your waistline. This exercise strengthens the fibre’s to become tighter as they have become loose. Pinch as shown (but grab and pinch your actual skin, my bits will scare you for life hence why I am not showing you my belly!) above 100-500 times daily, starting off slow and increasing the amount of times you pinch.

Drink a cup of warm ginger powder tea afterwards.

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