Emotional trauma

TICM is the oldest medical system to address and prioritise the role that emotions ad trauma play in one’s health and wellbeing. In TICM, it is considered to be natural law, the body and mind are one harmonious system working together and the vitality of one depends on the other.

Trauma is the result of a harrowing physical or emotional event, some recalled, others not, taking place as early as birth. We are starting to recognise the word "trauma" more frequently, as the topic has become less taboo and more freely discussed, with outlets available for people to discover different variations of healing modalities. The severity of trauma is personal, since we are all unique and feel things individually based on our life experiences and make up, but there are overlapping feelings and symptoms that occur. The result of these experiences may be felt in several different ways and not limited to waves of depression, anxiety, grief, fear, stress, etc as well as physical ailments. The reason trauma is a physical matter is because our body's cells hold on to these traumatic blueprints, causing stagnation and disruption of the flow of Blood and Qi (our vital energy). Minor traumas affect local circulation, while major traumas disrupt Blood and Qi entirely, draining those substances at a higher rate, especially from the Heart, to compensate for decreased circulation. This results in the entire cellular structure unable to receive proper nutrients. Over time imbalances become apparent, manifesting in different ways for each individual, depending on the person's constitution and lifestyle. Just like for physical treatment, TCM works to get to the root cause of the trauma so that healing can be allowed, no matter if the trauma occurred a week ago or 50 years ago. Chinese medicine is a great support system when dealing/healing from emotional trauma. Our body wants to heal and be emotionally and physically vital. Connecting to natural healing modalities redirects the body and mind to its desired state.

Acupuncture, acupressure, Qigong, Salaah, yoga: all move vital energy (Qi) by stimulating points in the body that can create calmness, dissolve anxiety, and relax the brain. Acupuncture has been used effectively for soldiers returning from war, for people that were involved in traumatic natural disasters, accidents, and events, for those suffering with extreme grief, so on and so forth with great results. Overall, this practice helps to reduce pain, tension, and stress for recovery. Like treating addiction, trauma acupuncture treatments involve helping a person let go of a memory or need.

Mindfulness is a type of meditation with great benefits that may work better for someone with trauma. This technique can be applied to many activities and is defined as purposely brining one’s attention to experiences occurring in the present moment without judgement. Whether you are doing laundry, out for a walk, cooking dinner, or engaging in your favourite hobby, you can turn it into a mindful experience to gain some amazing benefits. If flashbacks or emotions flare up during this, you gently turn your attention to the task at hand instead and really love and concentrate on what you are doing. This also helps to avoid the pressure that some feel at the beginning of a meditation practice or if they don’t really believe in it.

Liver formula’s helps to smooth the flow of our emotions, Blood and Qi (energy). Helps anger and stress.

Kidney formula’s: the Kidney is associated with fear. Kidney formula’s helps to strengthen the Kidneys, making one less susceptible to fear and healing prior imbalances caused by fear.

Magnesium relaxes vascular smooth muscle, resulting in the opening of Blood Vessels and increased cerebral Blood flow.

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