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Eight treasure congee

Eight treasure congee has been a traditional winter food in China since the 1100s. It strengthens the spleen, nourishes the stomach, boosts Qi and calms the spirit.

Ingredients (2-3 servings):

6 dried Da Zao (red Chinese dates)

1 spoon black rice

1 spoon sticky millet

8 pieces of Long Yan (dried longan fruits)

1 spoon Yi Yi Ren (coix seed, seeds of Job's Tears)

1 spoon red quinoa

1 spoon Tibetan black goji berries (or regular goji berries)

1 spoon steel cut oatmeal


1. Put all ingredients in a pot. Add 1200 ml (about 5 cups) water. Soak for 10 mins.

2. Cover with lid. Bring to boil. Stir from time to time.

2. Turn down the fire and simmer for 50 mins. Leave a gap between the pot and lid. Stir from time to time to prevent adhesion.

3. Turn off the fire. Add a pinch of salt to bring up the natural sweetness from the dates and longan.

4. Stir well. Serve warm.


1. You can add or replace any of the ingredients with red beans, peanuts or Mung beans.

2. If the water dries out during the cooking, add only boiling water. Adding cold water will keep the grains from softening.

3. If you are using an instant pot, set it for 20 mins.

4. I like to add a fried egg with a pinch of salt and white pepper for the morning protein.

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