Eczema in babies

1 in 2 children are affected by baby eczema or atopic dermatitis in my clinic. This condition is when patches of red, itchy and dry skin manifest commonly on their face or body. I know it troubles parents to see their little ones uncomfortable, so let us use TICM to understand the root cause and treatment. Pharmaceutical steroids thins the skin irreversibly and antibiotics damage the digestive organs, Stomach, Spleen and Pancreas which are not fully developed until the age of 8.

Children are extra sensitive because their organ systems are weak. Their organ systems, Qi (energy) and Blood are still developing. The reason to pay attention to this now, is that it affects their predisposition to develop more allergies and conditions as they grow. Asthma goes hand in hand with eczema as both conditions involves the Lungs and Large Intestines in a similar way, and Kidneys are involved too. Cradle cap is another factor.

Apart from the obvious that causes dermatological conditions, the next thing to do to treat baby eczema is examine what your baby is being fed. If your baby is having breast milk, which is usually best for the baby, the food intake of the mother could be causing an allergic reaction. Speak to your doctor to review your foods and avoid artificial foods, greasy foods and added hormones. Formula wise, many infant formulas are cow's milk and are full of hormones and additives. Rice milk can be made at home and is a great alternative to dairy or breast milk.

Other factors that can contribute to scaly rashes are baby wipes, nappies, environmental factors, soap, perfume, animal dander, air quality in the home specifically, is the home damp. Avoid dampening foods such as dairy, cold or raw foods, fatty foods, refined grains and sugar. Fruit juices contain too much sugar for little ones, they should be avoided or heavily diluted. Please look at the previous foods on what to feed under 5’s.

Your doctor can prescribe herbs for the Spleen to strengthen the child's digestion and help their Lungs. The Lung govern the skin.

Use rice water to soothe skin: dip a clean washcloth into rice water, then pat the damp cloth over the affected area. Continue for a couple of minutes, then allow the skin to air dry.

Use cotton clothes to allow the skin to breathe as opposed to synthetics. Pure silk is great especially for bedding although they may slip all over the place.

To help itchiness, rub on Large Intestine point LI11 which is located at the end of the crease on the outer side of the bent elbow.

If you have a fig tree, when you pull the fig, leaf, stem or branch off, you will find a white milky consistency thick liquid come out. Use this on the skin as it is a natural neutral steroid.

If they are 6 months plus, why not make a cup of tea from dried fig leaves and give the child to drink.

Pure honey is great lubrication for the skin.

Chicken feet or bone broths are great for the skin.

Ginger powder tea is ideal.

Get your doctor to prescribe a herbal wash.

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