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Eating fish and food: signs of GOD

Then let man look at his food (Qur'an 80:24). I cook fish for my family to eat and I am living in UK and this fish came from Bangladesh. GOD tells us to look at our food to see where it came from, how it came from, how it was created, etc. GOD created this fish in a river of Bangladesh. Then GOD gave it food and looked after it so that it grows up. At one time, GOD caused a fisherman to catch the fish and sell it to a foreign export company. Then GOD caused the company to send the fish all the way in UK. In UK, I went and bought that fish from a store. Then the fish was cooked and served in front of my family. All these things GOD did just so that I can eat.

The Sunnah also states that I must be mindful when I prepare the food, when I eat and throw away any excess. Throwing away excess for me is extremely rare. The Sunnah also states eat fresh, permissible, wholesome, and local because that food is packed with nutrients. Whilst food that has been exported actually loses all its nutritional values hence why many people are also lacking and suffering from sickness, so they pack their body with artificial synthetic vitamins and supplements causing diseases. How many of you especially Muslims can say they think about this entire process?

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