This post is on the treatment of dysbiosis. Balance is the basis of TICM teachings. When the organ systems are balanced, they will do their job and pathogens will not disrupt the flow of the body. To bring the body back in balance and eradicate harmful bacteria, balance in the mind and body is requested.

Spleen and Stomach Qi (energy) deficiency: don't skip breakfast or lunch, eat whole foods void of processing and excess sugars etc. Eat with positive thoughts and without distraction. Eat warm foods and drinks as cold drinks and raw foods are unable to be digested in this case.

Damp-heat: avoid greasy, spicy, food, antibiotics, drugs, stress, along with overconsumption of caffeine, alcohol. Get proper rest and manage your emotions as naturally as possible.

Gu syndrome: is the result from the above two. You need to clear the above and you will clear this.

Acupuncture and cupping: these methods open channels for proper detoxification to occur while strengthening weakened organ systems

Bland nutritional therapy: a tried and true TICM method, this helps to restore digestive function and clear damp-heat. It is focused on vegetables and whole grains with broths, soups, and proteins from meat or beans. Avoid spicy, salty and sour foods and use your best judgement. Healthy fats are great too and fermented foods to add.

Inulin: foods with prebiotic fibre that feeds good bacteria all the way to the lower gastrointestinal tract: asparagus, chicory root, garlic, Jerusalem artichoke, jicama, onions, leeks, dandelion, bananas, dandelion root.

Burdock: helps gastrointestinal conditions and digestion due to its high inulin and mucilage and bitter components, promotes bowel movements, helps defecation, reduces the accumulation of toxins and waste in the body. Burdock is an amazing blood cleanser too.

Herbal formula’s: for Spleen, Stomach, Intestines and Candida all target the issues addressed above.

Bowel movements: make sure you are going to the bathroom daily. Start your day with ginger powder tea or warm lemon water. Drink warm water throughout the day. You will notice a difference both in your bowel movements and urine.

Probiotics: fill the gut with healthy bacteria through supplements and fermented foods. Look at previous posts on fermented carrots, pineapple, onions, kefir and make your own as it is simple with no hidden chemicals and preservatives.

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