Many people will say they drink a lot of water but still feel dehydrated. Then you have others who drink enough but do not feel dehydrated yet their cholesterol will be imbalanced due to cells and organs being dehydrated. You have too much "heat" in your body.

Heat is one of the 6 pathogens in TICM like cold, wind, damp, dryness, summer heat and heat. I get asked, ‘but is heat not good for you?’, because I am always talking about eating foods to create warmth in the digestion. That is not the same. Heat as a pathogen is the result of an imbalanced body, not the same as the heat generated from having a warm cup of ginger powder tea, which provides Yang (warm) essence to the body, like charging your car battery.

Heat symptoms can resemble irritability, red face, red eyes, sweating, extreme thirst, yellow phlegm, craving cold drinks, acid reflux, constipation, headaches, migraines, pain, aches. An excess of heat disrupts the mind, emotions, Yin (cooling) and fluid metabolism.

Drink warm water. Warm/or hot water quenches your thirst on a deeper level because its easily assimilated by the Stomach and Spleen. Just like food, our body has to digest liquids.

Drink salt water. Salt actually quenches thirst and a lot of drysness is due to lack of salt.

Congee/rice water: having congee for breakfast will hydrate you well and strengthen digestion.

Have watermelon at room temperature and eat it slowly. Other cooling foods: cucumbers, lettuce, courgettes.

Increase your intake of bitter foods and mung beans but avoid them if you are pregnant because they are too cooling on the body. Too much coolness/cold in the body during pregnancy can cause miscarriage or still birth. Likewise too much heat can do that too. There is always a reason for miscarriages and still birth so do not let the doctors tell you otherwise.

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