Do you wear your Heart on your sleeves?

Beginning from the tip of the middle finger, up through the arm to the chest runs the Pericardium channel. On the inner wrist sits Pericardium6 (PC6) translated as Inner Frontier Gate. This gate is like the protector of your Heart. Have you ever heard the expression "wearing your heart on your sleeve?". This point represents just that. On an emotional level, stimulating this point allows the gate to operate smoothly, opening and closing easily, depending on life's ebbs and flows. This point also strengthens necessary and appropriate boundaries. Sometimes our Hearts get broken, and our gate becomes hard to open. This point helps us move beyond that. It helps Shen (Spirit) disorders of an excess or deficient nature, helping insomnia, mania, poor memory, and nervousness. Physically, this point has many amazing uses. It helps treat Heart palpitations, GERD, nausea, morning sickness, chest pain, asthma, anxiety, stress, irritability, and fear. When the points are stimulated, the chest opens, relieving stagnation and tightness. Locate the point which is between the tendons of the inner wrist, 3 finger widths up from the inner crease of the wrist.Stimulate the point by either rubbing or pressing for 3-5 minutes on each side 2-3 times per day.

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