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Do you trust yourself

How many of us trust ourselves?

No one knows better for yourself than you, you know what is best for you more than anyone else in the world. How does it feel having that power? Do you believe that you do?


 Events or certain people in our life can feel like they have stripped us of this power, but that is never the case. This strength will never leave us. Any situation that may have left a bad taste in your mouth or hurt you is an opportunity to understand more of what you do not want. The more you recognise what you do not want in your life, the clearer your focus is on what you actually do want.


 TICM knows the importance of the wisdom stored in our body. We are born with this wisdom, it is unwavering, stored in the Kidneys and passed down for thousands of years through our lineage. Tapping into your intuition and recognising this wisdom is how you can connect to it. It is always there, whether you realise it or not, waiting for you.


 Do you trust yourself or do you look to others and trust them more? Talking to friends and professionals is always good for alternative perspectives and ideas. You can take and pick what you need from the thoughts of others and learn. But, when it comes to knowing the best decision or path for yourself, you have to make that call.

Having been through things in life and putting it in combination with what I see in clinic, I always recommend to my patients, to always trust their gut instincts/intuition. It is there for a reason. Going against it can cause you so much harm and if you have a family, it shall have a domino affect. Once the harm has been done, there is no going back. But this is only my advice from my experience and by nature I am a protector.

Always make the right choices.

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