Do you have a broken Heart?

Pericardium 7 known as Great Mound in English, helps with issues of the Heart. A mound is a high place, offering a perspective unavailable from the flat land.

On an emotional level, this point is very influential on those who are emotionally upset with constant worry and obsessing over what other people think or say.

This meridian and point specifically protects the Heart. It acts as a gate to allow love in while preventing emotional hurt and cruelty from reaching it. When imbalanced, the gate can become stuck closed or open, and the person may be closed off to love or susceptible to emotional hurt.

When the Heart (Fire element) is imbalanced, it is easy to feel overwhelmed by problems, specifically, issues of the Heart. The person may constantly overextend themselves putting the needs and desires of others ahead of their own.

Because this is the Earth point of the meridian, it brings forth the qualities of groundedness and stability, security, serenity, and calm.

Physically, you can use this point to help treat palpitations, Heart flutters, Heart disease or a sensation of the Heart.

Located in the middle of the wrist crease between the tendons, press gently 2-3 minutes on each side, 2-3 times daily.

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