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Do not be deceived

Kale should be eaten on its own. Really kale does not want to be eaten. Oxalates bind to calcium and hinder absorption. Goitrogenic foods like cruciferous vegetables inhibit thyroid hormone production.

Corn is hard to digest and cause leaky gut.

Tofu contains soy which is a phytoestrogen which causes hormone disruption and inhibits thyroid hormone.

Fake meat is poison. Cheapened and processed foods have the worst ingredients, which are all under patent.

Seed oils are processed from seed rubbish that gets heated and chemically treated. They are rancid by the time they are bottled in plastic with plastics being a hormone disruptor. Every time you eat out, the food is mostly cooked in soybean and canola. These oils are high in polyunsaturated fat (PFUA), oxidise easily and the products are devastating to health.

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