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Diseases begin in the gut

Every disease begins in the gut

All diseases originate from the gut which means sickness stems from the Spleen and Stomach and is a huge topic in TICM because the Spleen and Stomach are the root of one's health. If this root is imbalanced, then the whole body is imbalanced. This imbalance can manifest is so many different symptoms that seem totally unconnected, but in fact, have the same root imbalance.

TICM teaches us that the body is one and everything is connected. It is always showing us signs and clues into our internal state. Below are some tips to look out for that can indicate a weak or imbalanced Stomach and Spleen:


Healthy: Lips are moist, red and shiny. There is no foul odour in the mouth.

Unhealthy: Pale lips that are dry and easily cracked. Skin on the lip peels. Also can be accompanied by bleeding gums and or bad breath


Healthy: Not too dry or greasy.

Unhealthy: Dry, greasy, loss of smell, nose runs or bleeds easily. If the sides of the nose are red it can indicate that there is toxic heat in the Stomach. Greenish tip of the nose could mean pain in Stomach area, or that the Stomach and Spleen function are poor.


Healthy: Good vision, alert and clear eyes.

Unhealthy: Poor vision, puffy eyes, red eyes, eyes that become easily fatigued, floaters, dry eyes.


Healthy: Clear hearing, no ringing sound.

Unhealthy: Hearing loss, ringing in the ear, tinnitus that can be frequent or once in a while.


Easily angered or agitated, lethargic, cold hands and feet, weak muscles, sugar and sweet cravings, poor circulation, diarrhea, drooling while sleeping, skin problems like acne, eczema, psoriasis.

If you have any or a combination of the above symptoms, it is time to use those clues to strengthen and balance the Stomach and Spleen. It is time to take care them. Here are a few tips:

The most important tip would be to eat warm foods and consume warm beverages. The stomach and the Spleen need warmth to function properly. Constantly having iced drinks, smoothies and salads actually stops digestion and creates stagnation, painful menstruation and cellulite.

Massage SP1 and ST36 points.

Eat a warm breakfast of congee, oatmeal or sweet potato.

Consume ginger powder tea daily, especially between 7-9am and 10:30am.

Include red dates into your diet, boil them in tea or for your oatmeal.

Do not eat after 7pm, give your Stomach a chance to digest and then rest.

Consume root vegetables, the stomach and spleen love foods that are grown in the soil because they correspond to the Earth element.

Eat fresh, organic foods and enjoy your meal. Try not to read, text or watch TV when eating as your Stomach has to work harder to digest if you do so.

Reduce or completely cut out cold foods. The Stomach and Spleen crave warmth for proper function.

Worry, anxiety, and overthinking are the emotions associated with the stomach, try to get a handle on them if you are experiencing any or all three in excess amounts.

Practice meditation, yoga, salah, breath work and Qigong to move emotions and stagnation out of your body.

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