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"Diseases enter the body through the mouth and troubles come out of the mouth” ~ is a Sunnah saying and classic Chinese idiom dating back to thousands of years ago.

The translation means that disease is usually a result of food or by what we breathe and our troubles are a result of the words we speak.

From a TICM perspective, emphasis was placed on the abstention from harmful foods rather than on eating beneficial ones. For example, some avoided drinking wine and eating meat, while others avoided cereals, believing that these feed the worms in the body and cause disease, aging and death. Similarly to this day, when we "DIEt" or focus on healthy foods, it is processed grains, heavy meat and alcohol that tends to be the first food groups avoided.

A balanced life, one harmonious with nature, which included the practice of meditation, gave way to a life that was abundant in good health and full of vitality according to classic medical texts. Modern TICM still practices these same philosophies even though our world is much more complex. We look to nature to show us the way and guide us with what foods are in season. We know we are each microcosms, we know that the body is a whole and our emotions play a giant role in our physical symptoms. Therefore "...troubles come out of the mouth" our responses and overall communication to situations can play a key role in determining our emotional wellbeing.

Meditation, Qi Gong and Salaah is a practice of the cultivation of stillness. This stillness helps calm the mind in order to process life on a more balanced level allowing emotions to come and go, rather than feeling too attached to our emotions.

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