The efficacy of herbal treatments for diabetes is becoming more well known in the West and being seriously studied as means for treatment. In TICM, we have been using these herbs for some time to harmonise the root disharmonies that lead to diabetes.

Ginger has been reported to improve the body's sensitivity to insulin, which, in turn, leads to better blood sugar control. One proposed mechanism: It suppresses inflammatory compounds emitted by fat cells; these can make the body less responsive to insulin.

This 2 herbs formula helps those with diabetes. It's two ingredients— wild crafted Huang Lian (Rhizoma coptidis) and Rou Gui (Cinnamomum cassia) are known as antidiabetic herbs along with Huang Qi (Astragalus membranaceus).

A study suggests that these ingredients improves type 2 diabetes by improving beta cell function and reducing insulin resistance in diabetic rats along with oxidative stress.

Beta cells are cells that make insulin, a hormone that controls the level of glucose, a type of sugar in the blood. Beta cells are found in the Pancreas within clusters of cells known as islets. In type 1 diabetes, the body's immune system mistakenly destroys the beta cells. For type 2 diabetes, the beta cells of the pancreas produce insulin, but the body is unable to use it effectively because the cells of the body are resistant to the action of insulin.

Pancreas is an organ that is completely overlooked in western medicine. Instead of focusing on healing that as the root of the problem, doctors go a different direct causing nothing but further deterioration of the Pancreas, its ability to produce insulin. Pericardium an another overlooked organ.

A pioneer in the field of diabetes research, Dr. Chris Chan is the man to follow.

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