More and more people are being diagnosed. But I firmly believe majority of the diagnosis are not justified and are incorrect. Some people come to me too late, whilst others who know me, that come to me for a second opinion, it is not too late.

Stress is a major player in raised blood glucose levels. Stress impacts the Liver. Liver gets agitated and then pokes the adrenal glands that sit on top of Kidneys to pump out high levels of cortisol into the blood stream. Patient then gets diabetes signs and symptoms, goes to their drug dealer who sends them off for a blood test. Blood test shows raised levels of glucose in in blood stream, computer says they person has diabetes, drug dealer issues drugs without looking for a root cause. Computers and technology have got us all in this sick mess we are in today. If the person is not stressed, there are people fearful of bloods, fear can cause excess cortisol to be released, if the person is unwell at the time of the test could be a factor. There are so many factors before I can say, yes you do have ‘diabetes’. This is why I at the time of any sick care tests, I advise my patients, take a note of your feelings on that day.

Diabetes occurs when blood glucose is higher than the normal level (H1c <5.7) (fasting: 7mmol/L, pp/random: 11.1, hba1c: >5.5). Symptoms include increased thirst, urination, hunger, fatigue, weight loss, blurred vision and numbness. There are different types of diabetes. Type 1: no or not enough insulin Type 2: when the body is not using insulin properly Gestational: develops during pregnancy Pre-diabetes: when the blood sugar is 5.7-6.4. TICM states that diabetes starts from a weakened digestive system and excessive heat, followed by deficiencies in different organs ending up with the same blood glucose problems mentioned above. In TCM, we treat the weakened organ through the Five Element Framework and focus on diet, herbs, and emotions. Qigong is also used, which has been a proven beneficial modality for the treatment and prevention of diabetes (1) and salaah done correctly can be used too. Smoking and physical inactivity are two major lifestyle roles that play a role in developing diabetes. Food is also the focus, those with diabetes show a different microbiome environment than those without. Vegetables, whole grains, nuts, and lean proteins (fish, eggs, lean meats) are recommended. Herb wise, there is a formula which herbs to specifically target the deficiencies and imbalances that lead to diabetes called glucose reduce. Oolong tea can reduce blood sugar (3). Emotions play an important role as well, stress affects hormone levels and autoimmune function which plays a role in blood sugar control. Anger and anxiety are triggers for this. Qigong and salaah can help with emotional balance. 1:

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