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Diabetes occurs when blood glucose is higher than the normal level H1c <5.7, fasting: 7mmol/L, pp/random: 11.1, hba1c: >6.5. Symptoms include increased thirst, urination, hunger, fatigue, weight loss, blurred vision and numbness. There are different types of diabetes.

Western medicine:

Type 1: none or not enough insulin.

Type 2: when the body is not using insulin properly.

Gestational: develops during pregnancy: if you have had gestational diabetes, it is important to get tested every 6 months as you may likely develop the condition. Take your bloods to your TICM doctor to keep on top of things.

Monogenic: inherited.

Pre-diabetes: when the blood sugar is 5.7-6.4.


TICM states that diabetes starts from a weakened digestive system and excessive heat, followed by deficiencies in different organs ending up with the same blood glucose problems mentioned above. In TICM, we treat the weakened organ and focus on diet, herbs, emotions. Sometimes, Qigong is used and even Salaah, which has been a proven beneficial modality for the treatment and prevention of diabetes.

Smoking and physical inactivity are two major lifestyle roles that play a role in developing diabetes. Diet is also the focus, those with diabetes show a different microbiome environment than those without. Vegetables, whole grains, nuts and lean proteins fish, eggs, lean meats are recommended. Intermittent fasting improves glucose regulation, stress resistance, suppress inflammation, but don’t go too extreme for established diabetes patients as it can lead to hypoglycemia.

With my athletes, it is detrimental that even when they recover from diabetes, they continue a strict exercise routine due to the stress they have made their body's prone to. Body is not designed for the stress that athletes put themselves under.

Herb wise, the following are prescribed and proven to work effectively. Astragalus has been proven to help in the treatment of diabetes. Shu Di Huang, also known as rehmannia is the main ingredient in my Kidney formula. This is the principal herb for enriching Yin, nourishing Kidney and has been researched and proven effective by modern medicine. It has been used in TICM for thousands of years to do so.

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