Kidney 2 is known as the Blazing Valley in English and a great point for diabetes in conjunction with Stomach for to regulate blood sugar. This point is all about warmth and connection, which is what our Kidney’s loves. It also helps to clear excess from the body. This point is about the following: "As the Water passes through this valley, it is warmed to the perfect temperature so that it can flow to, and be used by, every part of the body, as well as to the mind and spirit. The body cannot function if the fluids are too cold’. Symptoms you can use Kidney 2 point for: diabetes, insomnia, night sweats, sore throat, dryness, asthma, itching, coldness, fertility, fear, anxiety and disconnection to name a few. This point is located on the inside of our foot in a depression on the lower border of the bone located on the top inner side of the middle of the foot. Simply, it is where your darker and lighter skin colours meet. Use the edge of your gua sha tool or your finger. If using your finger press hard 5-8 times once daily. Do this on both feet. You will feel the difference. According to one of the oldest book on clinical specific acupuncture, this is the number one influential point for diabetes. It is said when there is sickness for a long time, it gets into the connecting channel. Kidney 2 can clear stagnated energy in the connecting channel to treat the disease. There is a study where it states that herbs such as wild crafted Huang Lian (Rhizoma coptidis) and Rou Gui (Cinnamomum cassia)) can improve type 2 diabetes by improving beta cell function and reducing insulin resistance in diabetic rats along with oxidative stress.

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