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Diabetes diagnosis

I have many colleagues who claim diagnosis is under diagnosed. Unless you can interpret blood chemistry, my advice is please keep quiet. I firmly believe in my professional opinion that diabetes is over rated and over diagnosed.

What these colleagues as well as the medical industry must realise is that blood glucose whether random or fasting alone must never be used to diagnosis someone as this is incorrect. When an incorrect diagnosis is made, people are put on drugs incorrectly leading to not only lifelong drugs but further health damage. High blood glucose simply means the digestive function is impaired.

As I find myself repeating the same thing over and over again, I will continue to highlight that the Pancreas is the most overlooked organ in mainstream medicine. Pancreas is responsible for the production insulin or irregularities with insulin. Therefore before a diagnosis is made, the lipase and amylase must be looked at. If diabetic insulin is derived from the pancreas of a pig, why do they not look at the irregularities of insulin of the patient before making their diagnosis and trying to rectify that. Please don’t anyone tell me that insulin if derived from beef or synthetic. Pig’s pancreas is the closest insulin to the human body. This is why menopausal hormones and other hormones are derived from pig too.

I had a female patient come to me today for a second opinion. I told her she does not have diabetes. She has what I call impaired Spleen Transformation and Transportation which basically means impaired digestion. She asked me to explain this to her doctor as he is adamant she starts taking insulin. Although I made sure he understood the functions of Pancreas after giving him a lesson in physiology, he did not appreciate being told how to do his job. I told him to send her for another blood glucose and come back to me next week as I can guarantee she does not have diabetes. If it’s still irregular and he believes she has diabetes, he should order a lipase and amylase test to confirm.

After doing acupuncture for digestion, I sent the patient away with Jian Pi Wan which is a herbal formula.

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