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Deep and sound sleep

These two acupuncture points are not known by many. These points are specially used to treat multiple dreams and early awakening or disturbed sleep.

Ear points can treat all conditions because all meridians connect to the ears either directly or indirectly. The ears also correspond to various parts of the body in the embryonic period.

The first point is located on the earlobe where the ear meets the face on the cheek.

The other point is in the back of the ear, which you will stimulate naturally when you place your thumb on the opposite side of your index finger. This point is called the Sleep Shen point also called the deep sleep-sinking point.

Put your index finger on this point as shown and use your nail or fingertip to knead, and use your thumb to pinch the back of your earlobe to massage the point. When you rub or press it may be sensitive, but begin gently. Knead one side for three to five minutes, then knead the other side, repeatedly and alternately, for half an hour. Such a gentle stimulation is very beneficial to the soothing effect of this acupoint. Gently press and knead to get a good night's sleep.

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