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Dark or puffy eyes

As we have probably all experienced, just a few hours of missed sleep can leave us with dark or puffy under eyes the next day. But there is a deeper cause beneath the surface. Do you experience under eye bags or puffiness when you feel like you have been doing everything to prevent them? In TICM, we know our appearance reflects our inner self. What we see in the mirror is a much larger concept. It is a map of how our organs are functioning. Our under eyes relate to our Kidneys according to TICM. Our adrenal glands lay on top of each Kidney to produce hormones to help the body control Blood sugar, regulate Blood pressure, burn protein and fat, and react to stressors. We release cortisol to help our body respond to stressful situations. After long periods of continued stress however, the Kidneys become drained and show signs of aging. Dark circles can be a direct symptom of Kidney imbalance. Tonify the Kidney system using herbal medicine from your practitioner. Get restorative sleep, go to bed before 11pm, allow the Liver system to properly detox. Reduce processed salt intake, eat whole foods. Meditate. Practice gua sha to invigorate the Blood and Qi in the face and under eyes. Use a mask around the eyes, reapply again in the morning. Ensure the mask has no chemicals. I am in the process of releasing my own. Adaptogens are a specific group of herbs that greatly help the body function, adapt to stress, and restore balance on a deep level.

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