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Dandelion with honey

Spring is the season connected to our Liver organ system. Eating foods that come into season now is best way to support the entire body, boost immunity and organ function. A special food that offers countless benefits is the highly alkaline dandelion green.

Dandelion greens are filled with calcium, iron, potassium, vitamins K, A, riboflavin and thiamin. Also present are tons of beneficial antioxidants flavonoids like carotene and lutein. The leaves even have a higher nutritional value than both spinach and broccoli and they contain anti-inflammatory agents.

Green is also the colour that correlates to the season of Spring and Liver function. Green foods are extra beneficial now to support both the physical and emotional transformation of spring. Dandelion further supports the Liver by removing toxins through the digestive system, which lessens the burden of the Liver, even helping period cramps and bloating, which is usually called from an over-run Liver system.

Tip: make your own dandelion tea. Dandelion greens are usually found next to spinach and kale and are bunched together just like its neighbors. Next time you see them, buy them. They can be boiled, sauteed, or steamed as well as made into tea.

Easy dandelion tea recipe: rinse two bunches of (organic) dandelion greens, boil them together in one gallon of water and you'll have tea for a days. Add honey for a bit of sweetness and moisture to the Lung.

Note: Please DO NOT use sugar of any type whether it is coconut sugar, raw brown sugar, white sugar etc as no sugar or sweetner is good for the body. Whilst you may not feel the effects immediately, the health effects will show up later in life in the form of inflammation, bone decay and so many other problems.

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