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Dairy is not something I have since coming into the truth as I know dairy causes nothing but phlegm and mucous in our body whether it is visible or invisible regardless of our weight. It is a major cause of disease in particular cancer and my cancer intake has increased and that is not by chance. But I will not blame everything on dairy either. I eat simple foods like bone broth, vegetables, proteins, beans and grains daily. My fat of choice is extra virgin Spanish olive oil due to my ancestral connection going back to the Moors who planted the olive trees in modern day Spain. If I am at work and a patient brings me a latte, I will drink it but I do feel it.

Whether you are looking to heal your gut, a clogged ear, lose weight or have more energy, do see how the ingestion of dairy is treating you. I do not like to say a one size fits all approach is right for us all, but I have seen enough people over the years with the same problems to make connections with the food that they are eating.

In TICM, dairy creates dampness. Think of mucous and phlegm. Symptoms that manifest from that are almost every single ailment I hear complaints of bloating, joint pain, headaches, painful periods, as well as Lung phlegm accumulation evidenced by sinus congestion and drainage or even coughing of clear phlegm, cellulite. Lots of toxins like to hide in these accumulations as well.

When you do have dairy, make it a good quality. Pick it up at your local market/farmer's market instead of the grocery store. Goat's milk is a much better alternative than cow's milk dairy. The form of casein in goat’s milk, which is A2 casein, is not inflammatory, unlike the casein prevalent in most cow’s milk, which is A1 casein that creates gut issues, allergies, eczema, and acne. Goat's milk is also much easier on digestion and contains medium chain triglycerides (MCTs), which boost metabolism and brain function.

When your focused on healing, what you ingest both mentally and physically is most important. Good food and good thoughts go a long way.

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