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Cure by food

"Cure by food is better than cure by medicine" is not just ancient Chinese idiom, but all civilisations took this approach.

Emphasis was placed on the abstention from harmful foods rather than on eating beneficial ones. TICM has used food for medicine for thousands of years as most ancient cultures have and continue to do to this day. Prescribing herbal medicine, although they are all botanical based, it is my absolute last resort although recently I have found myself prescribing more of it due to the BS that's going on.

It is only in the last century or so where we started to lose the deep connection to nature and the importance of living harmoniously with our environment. Majority of people like the simple option of popping pills whilst continuing the destructive lifestyles they lead making it double disaster. When they end up coming to doctors like me as last resort, they expect me to create miracles in one sitting. If you want a miracle, simple solution, pray hard.

In TICM, the human body is thought of as a microcosm. I always like to say we are each little universes making up the larger universe. Good health is associated with general balance and harmony between the body and nature. Disease is associated with disharmony. Good health is a result of balance. Yin and Yang symbolise that balance, if either are too little or too much, symptoms arise.

The five most influential organs are the Heart, Liver, Lungs, Spleen and Kidneys are governed by the five elements, respectively which are fire, wood, metal, earth and water. The body is always viewed and treated as a whole, as a complete system of interactions, which is why acupuncture (inserting a needle into one point on the body) and wet cupping to remove toxicity especially toxic blood (using a surgical scalpel to make incisions on the superficial layer of the skin) can balance an organ distant from this point thanks to the meridians, or channels, that run throughout us as a whole to aim for balance and harmony once again.

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