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Quickest way to harm immunity is not having a bowel movement every day. Constipation is your body signalling a deeper imbalance. Relying on laxatives further weakens your digestion, Liver function and colon's natural abilities. Use your symptoms to heal in a deeper way. There are three categories of constipation: emotional, acute and chronic.

Emotional constipation: emotions like anxiety, stress or worry interferes with the body's natural ability to go to the bathroom. If you experience these emotions along with constipation, don't rush off the toilet, as that can be why you are having problems. Instead, take your time and breath and relax.

Acute constipation: use some of the below remedies to help move things along.

Enema: helps relieve the sluggish Intestines. Particularly, coffee enemas help draw out toxins. Make sure you get the green light from your physician as detox may not be a good idea in your current circumstances.

Fractionated pectin powder: formulated from the peel and pulp of citrus fruits, it has a natural and gentle detoxifying effect on the body and Liver. It's rich in galactoside residues, molecules that have an affinity for binding to certain types of unwanted cells.

Magnesium: many studies have linked low magnesium rates to constipation, among many other ailments.

Aloe: has a soothing quality that helps inflamed intestines and offers a gentle laxative effect that can help relieve constipation.

Foods: make sure you are eating plenty of fruits and vegetables and foods with natural fibre. Make congee or sweet potatoes for breakfast. Hawthorn Tonic (extract) can relieve constipation caused by eating too much high-protein and fatty food.

Acupressure: check the video exercises you can do at home.

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