Connect with nature

The easiest and quickest way to health is to connect with nature and the Earth that nourishes us. This is the easiest way to healing. The easiest way to show yourself love is through prioritising nourishment.

All day people ask about their health concerns asking what they can do to feel better in mind, body and spirit. The easiest way is on your plate.

Are you eating foods which nourish your body to promote energy and healing both mental and physical? Or do you eat in ways that use up your Qi (vital energy) and further your symptoms? This can resemble anything from skipping meals especially breakfast, only eating the same thing, obsessing over your food and constantly eating processed foods. The Earth, which is correlated to our Spleen and Stomach, likes to know it will be regularly fed with the abundance it provides available through the variety of seasonal foods.

To have a healthy Earth is to be solidly anchored in your core, your gut. What you feed yourself is the most important way to take control of your overall health and well-being.

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