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Be communal during quarantine

"When "I" is replaced with "we" even illness becomes wellness." - Malcolm X

Community and a sense of togetherness is a key factor when it comes to wellness. Feeling connected to others and like minded individuals is purposeful. It can be what we need in order to keep on going. So, in this time when we are being mindful and staying indoors, how can we source community?

It will only be natural to feel isolated right now, use this time to meaningfully (virtually) connect with others. Check in on people and say hello, see how this time for them is going, share stories, etc. There may be neighborhood apps that allow you to be in touch with those in close proximity and share the latest happenings and if anyone needs assistance.

A study was done showing that having a healthy social life is incredibly important to staying physically healthy. Overall, a solid social network with support increases survival by some 50%. The reason I bring this up now, is that we can use this time to connect with ourselves and see what is really important. Perhaps during this time you start to meditate. You realise you really enjoy it and seek out groups in your area to connect with and attend when it is safe to do so. Perhaps you start baking and find that you really enjoy it and end up creating a business that really makes you happy.

We can understand the importance of being a good friend and a good neighbour. We can still find a way to cultivate that connected feeling, and now we need it more than ever, and hopefully this feeling allows us to build a more meaningful connection with others in the future.

Using podcasts and videos you can explore topics that you may have had an interest in but felt like you never had the time to explore. Connecting to others just by watching, listening, or even reading about something you are interested in, can make you feel safe and inspired. Or if your a professional who needs to get CPD done, perhaps get some done online.

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