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Even when it is uncomfortable or uneasy, it is extremely important to communicate. One of the most profound ways to heal is by simply expressing yourself from your Heart. When doing so you must do so without any expectations and though this is hard to fathom, you will see once you speak, the instant after, you will feel free. Freedom is not dependent on how the other person responds, it is all self-made. Summertime is associated with our Heart organ system. The Heart wants to be open and expressive to feel harmonious and joyful. Sometimes, we hold on to people and things that no longer serve us. Some people will experience constipation, which is a physical way that we hold onto the past. Understanding your emotions and why you feel a certain way is also a sense of freedom as you are in control of how you feel no matter what happens. In TICM, we say that everything happens for a reason. Because of our connection to nature, we do not look at a cloud and scorn it for blocking the moon, we know that this is only the way the clouds move and accept it for being what they are and still appreciate both the cloud and the moon's beauty. Why don’t we look at each other like that? What if we appreciated ourselves and our feelings and learned from them, saw them from an angle that allowed us to grow? If you want to cry, it is healing to do so. You are turning emotions into a physical object: a tear, and letting it go. Cry and take a nap. This is a way to heal. Write down how you feel. Understand your boundaries and what makes you feel comfortable. Express yourself and connect to yourself. Only you know how you feel, no one else can dictate that or tell you. The more you continue to communicate the easier it will be and the freer you will feel.

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