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Common allergens

Common allergens and the signs


Phlegm especially in the Lungs causing chronic cough.


Premature growth of breasts in girls from hormones given to cows. Now we have man boobs too.

Violent behaviour from too much milk.



Hyperactivity soon after taking sugar leading to sugar blue’s where the child becomes whiny and out of sorts.

Water nasal discharge from over consumption.

Mouth ulcers followed by spots and boils.

Undernourished as carbs is main source of food. Undernourishment appears as excessive fat deposits accompanied by lethargy.


If not digested properly, ends up with eczema and diarrhoea in babies and toddlers.

In older children, greenish discharge from nose, eyes and vagina. May have severe case of diarrhoea.

In teenagers and olders, can manifest as depression with abdominal ache from time to time. Dull colour complexion and streaks of grey hair.


Intolerance: gives rise to yellow mucous which may give way for nasal catarrh and even asthma. There may be yellow crystals in eyes upon waking.

In some children, external symptoms are greater with atopic eczema. Some children develop contact dermatitis.

Allergy: peanuts give rise to anaphylactic shock.


Intolerance: very rich can give rise to accumulation disorder. At this stage main symptom is pus. Other signs of intolerance are conjunctivitis, boils and spots on skin containing pus.

Allergy: eggs give rise to anaphylactic shock.


Intolerance: red wheals on skin, affect the nervous system, insomnia and unhappiness.

Allergy: exacerbates childhood diseases.

Food additives:

Hyperactivity, lethargy and depression. Please also see my previous post on are you poisoning your child.


Improve digestion so the offending food can be digested better. Acupuncture will help with this so work with your doctor to identify the pattern that relates to your child.

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