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Commit to positivity

Our brains process up to 50,000 unique thoughts a day and 70-80% of those thoughts are negative. This seemingly insignificant habit has a massive impact on our immune response and the general functioning of our major organs. So when people ask me regardless of what is going on in my personal life how I stand strong, carry on and smile, it is because I have absolute faith my Creator has given me the ability to get through any storm but I also know the importance of positivity on my immune system. This is the reason, I will befriend someone slowly and if I see pessimism, I will not hesitate in dumping that individual.

In TICM, it is said that everything is always happening for good, but that it's up to you to trust that it is. As we have surely experienced in our life, sometimes the good in a situation isn't immediately apparent. Time allows evolution and clarity. Trusting the process and having faith are tools to navigate all weather patterns. Letting go of what you can't control and not using your energy there is a great way to stay healthy. Use your energy to focus on what you can change and improve.

The next time that something positive happens to you, or you happen to see something beautiful, consciously spend about two and a half minutes reflecting and relishing on the positive occurrence. Being grateful and showing gratitude creates a bounty of it in your life.

Our natural state is positivity. It connects us to who we really are inside. We are connected to the universe. I always like to say we are mini universes making up a larger one. That is why seasonal eating has so many benefits and looking at nature for clues into our health has so much efficacy when healing. This connection is great to cultivate during the Spring when life renews once again. Doing this can inspire creativity, healing, higher intuition, clarity when handling challenges, attraction of good things into your life, and trusting yourself.

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