Colic massage

Colic Massage

There are several ways to help naturally relieve colic through TICM practices. Don't be discouraged, speak to your practitioner and know you and your baby can find relief. Here are some ways we use to help colic.

Do not overfeed your baby. Babies are inherently born with weak digestive systems, that's why they can experience trouble digesting even liquids only. Overfeeding creates a block in digestion that leads to food accumulation within the Stomach and Intestines. This produces distension, gas and pain in the little ones tummy. More food or substances only make the problem worse, as many parents try to soothe their crying baby with a bottle.

Feeding on a schedule allows the baby to process and digest the food or bottle before being given more.

Daily belly rub, follow the natural flow of the Large Intestine to help stimulate the natural movement of energy and digestion. This can be done daily. Gently rub small circles in a counterclockwise direction along the large circle. Start at the bottom left corner of the belly and rub small circles upward toward the top left, then across the belly to the top right, then down to the lower right to complete the circle.

This massage is gentle and can help relieve food stagnation in your baby or child, which is the main cause of colic in children.

Mother's diet: a breastfeeding mother has to be conscious of what she is eating on a regular basis. During this time it is good to avoid foods that may produce gas. This can range from anything from beans, cabbage, tomatoes, onions, coffee but most importantly depending on the individual.

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