Colic is defined as severe, often fluctuating pain in the abdomen caused by intestinal gas or obstruction in the intestines and suffered especially by babies.

According to Western medicine, the cause of this age old complaint is unclear, and thus there is no one specific treatment. However, in TICM there is a rhyme and reason for colic, you don't have to just wait for the baby to outgrow this condition. It is actually a sign to address and not ignore.

I know it’s painful for parents to see their child suffering without feeling like they can help, it is equally exhausting on the parents as well.

In TICM, the main cause of colic is indigestion due to overfeeding. Infants and children are still developing, their organs are weak, as their functioning is still developing, making them inefficient for the time being. Food stagnation or improper digestion is a common pattern in children that eat food they can't digest cold foods, greasy foods, dairy, and raw foods, especially.

For babies who aren't eating solid foods yet, the cause of colic is normally overfeeding or irregular feeding with breast milk or formula. TICM practices recommend feeding babies on a schedule and not on demand. Food stagnation can cause Stomach aches. Often, colicky babies will pump their legs towards their abdomens in an effort to expel gas and move the food downwards.

In TICM a colicky baby or child will be treated with a full body assessment, checking their abdomen, their temperature, facial color, and the surface of the baby's index finger. If there is an engorged vein at the base of the index finger, it indicates food stagnation.

The baby will be put on a feeding schedule and if the child is eating solid foods, foods that are hard to digest will be removed from their diet. Often times the practitioner will massage the abdomen to move stagnated foods out of the body. Stay tuned I will post a massage for the baby.

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