Cold Uterus

Common signs for a cold Uterus include lack of libido, cramps, clots in your menstruation, luteal phase defect, lack of progesterone, low BBT temperatures, needing to urinate at night, cold hands, feet, and whole body. In a cold Uterus, the uterine lining has not responded appropriately to the warming hormone (progesterone). The vessels which supply blood to the Uterus are constricted because of this cold response. Without enough Yang, Blood circulation is inhibited to the reproductive organs causing old stagnant dead Blood cells to accumulate which can block healthy flow. Follicles may not ripen to their fullest. Therefore, a cold Uterus is one of the leading causes of infertility. 1. The environment around us and what we consume daily will alter the temperature inside us. For those trying to warm up the uterus, choose warm, cooked foods. Hydrate with warm water and ginger powder tea. Add cinnamon, leek, and ginger. 2. Nourish Yin to promote ovulation. Just as we nourish Yang, we want to nourish Yin, as they need each other for balance. Nourishing Yin (including the ripening follicle) during this phase sets you up for a healthier and warmer second half of your cycle. Do this by eating Yin and Blood nourishing foods beef liver, sesame seeds, sardines, spirulina, eggs, bone broth, beets, leafy greens, avoiding spicy foods, getting enough rest, using herbs, and getting acupuncture. 3. Keep your feet warm, wear high ankle socks during change of season. The Kidney system is responsible for our life force energy (Qi: both inherited and cultivated), we say that the Kidneys start in the feet. When Qi is flowing freely, and the body is warmed, Blood also flows the same. This leads to better fertility. 4. Gynaecology formula’s which invigorates the Blood, transforms Blood Stasis, softens lumps and overgrown tissue. Fertility formula’s warms the womb, nourishes Yin, calms the Liver. Speak to your healer to see which one is right for you, some people will benefit from both types of formula’s.

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