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Cold in Uterus

In order to know if you have cold trapped in the uterus, commons signs are lack of libido, cramps, clots in your menstruation, luteal phase defect, lack of progesterone, low BBT temperatures, needing to urinate at night, cold hands, feet, and whole body.

With cold being trapped in the uterus, the uterine lining has not responded appropriately to the warming hormone progesterone. The vessels which supply blood to the uterus are constricted as a result of this cold. 

If your uterus is weak, the blood circulation may be inhibited to your reproductive organs causing old stagnant dead blood cells to accumulate which can block healthy flow. Also, without enough warmth in the uterus, your follicles may not ripen to their fullest. This is why a cold uterus is one of the leading causes of infertility, which conventional medicine does not understand and I believe this is why IVF does not work majority of the time (as for Muslims I do not believe IVF should be permissible due to what goes on behind the scenes).

Other signs are cold hands and feet, ️low BBT temperatures, hypothyroidism, frequent dilute urination especially at night, weak digestion, spotting before your period and clots in the menstrual blood, short luteal phase, low backaches and pain generally speaking or at ovulation and/or during the menstrual period, menstrual cramps that feel better with heat, habitual miscarriage, infertility, delayed ovulation, anovulation where no ovulation occurs.

So to warm up your uterus:

-have acupuncture in conjunction with moxibustion.

-take Chinese herbal medicine. 

-do wear socks on cold surfaces, keep feet warm at all times and never walk bare feet. this is something I am constantly telling both male and female patients in the clinic.

- avoid cold foods and drinks.

-avoid anti-biotics as its cold in nature.

- drink ginger tea daily or ginger with or without red dates twice every day.

- don’t get stressed out easily, stress affects the smooth flow of energy.

-a warm heating pad on the low abdomen area to warm Uterus and lower back to keep Kidneys warm.

-avoid swimming in cold pools.

-eat simple hot foods.

-maintain a regular lifestyle, eat on time, do not skip a meal. If you do intermittent fasting do not skip breakfast.

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