Cold hands and feet

If you suffer from cold hands and feet, try the following acupressure using San Jiao 4 (SJ4) to activate all the organs and energy in the body. San Jiao is the equivalent of lymphatic system responsible for fluid metabolism in suck care.

You can find this point by tracing a line between your middle and ring finger. At the wrist crease you will feel a depression, that means you found it.

Treats: cold fingers, hands and feet; shivering, common cold, wrist pain, swelling of the wrist, rheumatic pain of the wrist, irregular/ painful period, excessive thirst, diabetes and fatigue (,to name a few.

This point relaxes sinews, removes obstructions from the channel, clears heat, regulates the Stomach, promotes fluid transformation, benefits original Qi (vital energy), tonifies vessels.

Practice this 3-10 minutes on each side, 2-3 times per day, depending on the severity of your condition.

Ask your TCM doctor to moxa this point next time you are in clinic. Stay warm always.

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