Clogged ears


Loud noise


Fluid in the ear

Sinus pressure

Foreign objects

Altitude changes

Excessive ear wax

Middle ear infections

Changes in Blood flow

How to release clogged ears:


Neti pot.

Gargle warm water with salt.

Swallow while mouth is wide open.

Steam in a hot shower or steam room.

Blow the nose while holding the nostrils.

Rest and take it easy and try and take a nap or relax.

Acupuncture to activate proper Blood flow and Qi to the ear.

Eat foods that kill bacteria, like garlic, ginger and chew on cloves.


Warm your hands by rubbing them together for a few seconds and massage your ears for several minutes. Repeat as necessary.

Between your eyebrows and just above the bridge of your nose is your third eye chakra and also a very useful acupressure point. This point can promote sinus drainage and relieve tension in your cheeks, jaw, and forehead muscles that is sometimes caused by infection or nasal congestion. Activate by rubbing it with warm fingers for several minutes.

Avoid dairy products, sugar, spicy food and alcohol.

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