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Citrus peel tea

Tangerine peel (Chen pi) and unripe tangerine peel (Qing Pi) are two ancient herbal remedies that are considered medicinal in TICM. I am seeing many people making homemade citrus teas. While these teas offer many benefits for some, they aren't suitable for everyone. In TICM formulas containing several herbs are created to balance their effects.

Below are the benefits and uses of the two what they help treat and when they should be avoided. Though these two herbs may seem very similar, they have different actions and uses that should be understood before consuming.

Chen pi is also known as aged orange peel, aged tangerine peel, ripe tangerine peel, or citrus. It is used in many herbal TICM formulas. I use it specifically in vitality tincture formula for its actions.

Associated organ systems: Lung, Spleen, Stomach

Benefits: encourages digestion through the increase of specific gastric acids, strengthens the Spleen, removes food stagnation from eating harder to digest foods, decreases nausea and common IBS symptoms, morning sickness, chest congestion, and helps to remove phlegm through the Lungs.

Contradictions: for those with a dry cough, or those with Stomach fire causing nausea and vomiting.

Qing Pi also known as green tangerine peel, or unripe tangerine peel.

Associated organ systems: Gallbladder, Liver, Stomach

Benefits: helps stagnant vital energy especially in the Liver, food stagnation and vital energy Stagnation which leads to Blood Stagnation with masses, dries dampness, removes phlegm, can raise Blood pressure.

Contradictions: don't use if you suffer from excess sweating or have energy deficiency. Long term use or large doses are not recommended.

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