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Cinnamon tea

Boil the whole stick as it tastes delicious. Put stick in about 2 cups of water, boil for about 15-20 min until 1 cup left and let it sits 5-10 min to get a richer colour. Benefits are for:

Enhances immune function.

Common flu

Chronic diseases

Promotes weight loss

Supports digestion

Ideal for diabetes in regulating blood sugar

Relieves stress

Promotes blood circulation

Supports the Heart health

supports the Brain health

Relieves menstrual cramps

Prevents cancer

Relieves arthritis

Relieves inflammation

Supports men's sexual health

Do not throw the stick away when finished. Either eat it or grind it up and use it as sugar replacement or in another dish.

The above method can be used for all spices such a cloves, cardamon......

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