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Chrysanthemum is Ju Hua in Chinese and is celebrated as being one of the Four Gentlemen in China because of the plant's natural character having something in common with human virtues. In ancient China, people called a man of great virtue a gentleman. They are depicted due to their refined beauty, as well as the moral characters like nobility and integrity. Chrysanthemum disperses wind, enhances vision, clears heat and removes harmful substances of the body and is often used to treat cold and flu, headaches, acne, ulcers, blurred vision, red eyes, dizziness, and skin sores. Energy enhancer: relieves fear, stress and anxiety. Clears heat and detoxifies: helps rid the body of skin sores and abscesses which manifest from toxic heat. Weight management: used in teas and formulas to reduce inflammation, varicose veins and promote circulatory health in the prevention of arterial plaque build up. Promotes vision: clears heat in the Liver channel that affects eyes and also Yin deficiency of the Liver and Kidneys that cause blurry vision, dizziness and spots in front of the eyes. Disperses the wind and heat pathogens in the Lung meridian: clears heat in the upper body when combined with other herbs. Conditions like fever, common cold, upper respiratory infection, tonsillitis are classified as such. Clears Liver heat, and soothes Liver Yang: when the Liver has been overworked symptoms arise like headaches and dizziness. Chrysanthemum is a key ingredient in sinus relief formula’s, as it helps rid wind and heat toxicity to relieve the respiratory tract from foreign substances like bacteria and viruses. To prepare tea, steep dried chrysanthemum flowers in very hot, but not boiling water in a teapot or cup. Make sure the chrysanthemum has not been treated with pesticides. Tip: make a chrysanthemum pillow to help with high blood pressure, dizziness, sleeplessness, and strained eyes. Just fill a pillow with dry chrysanthemum flowers and sleep with it. Individuals who are sensitive to cooler temperatures or have loose bowels and or a weak Stomach should use it with caution moderately.

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