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Chronic illness

Chronic Illnesses (Gu Syndrome)

Majority of people and without disrespecting anyone, I find have extreme difficulty in understanding traditional medicine due to indoctrination. These people tend to be those who are part of the system whether you are working in the private or public sector. With all due respect, people of colour and Muslims are the worst as they have lost their way of life. If you are a Muslim, you have to taken your pick, either you follow your culture that was given to you by your slave master or you follow the path of Islam. You cannot have both. But I love working with the Chinese, Vietnamese and Japanese as we are on the same level with medicine.

Every TCM doctor has the same type of diagnostic tools in their toolbox, however, we all have one main one which we use. For me, I use the person's body: their shape, weight, height, marks on their faces and more specifically the Spirit in their eyes. I also ask for blood results anything up to 3 years old as that confirms my findings. Using the persons body I can tell what they are prone to and I do not believe in genetically inherited diseases but everyone's view of the world is different.

In TCM we do not label patients with things such as cancer, diabetes, dementia, autism etc. Instead, we analyse all the signs and symptoms, look at the person, their tongue and pulse. So when a person says they need treatment for cancer for example, it goes over my head as I am not here to treat the cancer, I want to treat the person and root cause.

When a person has a chronic illness, I look at a cell called Globulin which comes under Liver function. If the Globulin is very high and the person does not already have a chronic illness that has been diagnosed, I know that something is brewing waiting to manifest if they continue with the lifestyle they are currently following. I will tell the person that sickness does not happen overnight and our body is constantly telling us that a dis-ease is about to erupt but we are not listening or we are not prepared to give up our lifestyle which makes us sick in the first place. Based on my findings, I will advise the patients a number of conditions that can erupt between now and definitely within 3 years. They can either take action or wait until it is too late then get down on their knees and pray for a miracle as according to allopathic medicine there are no cures. The possible conditions I give the patients, tend to have all the root causes.

As for Muslims who are closed minded, whilst hijama is Prophetic and recommended, some conditions, hijama cannot solve. You need acupuncture and I recommend you research acupuncture, along with where it all started. And I do not recommend you use Dr Google for research as again you have all been indoctrinated with google. Those who work with their doctors, willing to change what made them sick in the first place and ultimately have faith, they are the patients that heal as they have the right mindset. I am always there to support my patients, but I find some very draining with their negativity treating me like an idiot. Usually see 21 patients in day without losing any positive vibes but one day last week I got to patient number 8, I was drained so much, I actually cancelled the rest which is a first time in my entire working career.

So what is Gu syndrome:

Gu pathogens are malicious and have life-threatening consequences.

Gu pathogens primarily enter the body through food.

Gu pathogens represent a type of toxin.

Gu pathogens have a virulent epidemic quality.

Gu pathogens are most likely to thrive in already deficient organisms, and once established further harm the body’s source Qi (vital energy).

Gu pathogens operate in the dark. It is often unclear when and how the pathogen was contracted, making an accurate diagnosis extremely difficult.

Some of the typical Gu symptoms cited in the literature refer to the familiar picture of acute protozoan infection.

It is the distinct presence of mental symptoms that usually in combination with digestive problems that is the most consistently acknowledged element.

A patient may live with this condition for his/her whole life without necessarily dying form it.

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